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En route to myself.
The Audi Q3.

Here today, there tomorrow. The world is getting smaller. And your possibilities become more varied. With a car that keeps up with your demands – the new Audi Q3. Powerful and agile. Compact and yet spacious inside. And on top of that, expressive, efficient and sporty. The Audi Q3. Built from new expectations. Let’s go

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Making a progressive impression.

The highlights of the Audi Q3

 Audi Q3 interior concept

The interior concept of an Audi has been thought-out right down to the last detail. Yet it offers enough room to include and realise your own ideas. The design equipment lines allow you to give the interior of your Audi Q3 striking accents which reflect your personality individually.

Audi Q3 engine

Audi engines attain a particularly high compression rate. Every movement originates from something. Something that sets it off, an idea. The engine in your new Audi Q3 can also be traced back to an initial spark of inspiration: higher power with lower fuel consumption. These apparently conflicting aims are reconciled in a revolutionary drive technology: TFSI and TDI.

Q3 design side view

The new Audi Q3 makes an impression. Modern mobility confidently interpreted. With the striking Singleframe in 3D-design. Low-set air inlets in bumper. And horizontally oriented lines that make the vehicle appear even more powerful.

Q3 Bose sound system

High-class down to the last detail. And on request with your own personal touch. Staged impressively by the optional LED interior lighting package. Allowing you to feel really comfortable when you are on the road. Almost as if you were at home.Optional MMI navigation plus, optionally connectivity package with integrated Bluetooth interface, preparation for navigation system and Audi music interface. A pleasure for the ears: the optional Bose surround sound system with 14 high-performance loudspeakers.


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